Celebrate 420 With A FREE Gift Bag and Massive Deals!

Gift Bag

Thursday 4/20: Opening An Hour Earlier at 9:00 am

– First 100 Patients Receive a FREE Gift Bag

– All Flower $10 Grams

– Honey Banana Shatter $35 a Gram | $20 1/2 Grams

– All Open Vape Cartriges and Distillates Buy One Get One FREE

– All Kind Concentrate Live Resin, Clear Vape & Concentrates Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

– Pure Edibles Only $8 100mgs | $20 for 240mgs

– Enter to Win A Free Ounce



Saturday, April 1st

Our friends at K.I.N.D. Concentrates will be here offering massive deals!
– Buy One Get One FREE on all live resin
– Buy One Get One FREE on all K.I.N.D. Clear Vape Pens
– Get a Free Battery with purchase